Thursday, April 10, 2008

Life Drawing Class Portfolio, Teacher Paul Robbert

I LOVED my life drawing classes. I took 2 or 3 semesters of it, can't remember really. Great teachers and professors at Western Michigan University, at least in my experience. The photo above is my favorite out of the entire portfolio shown here. Some I don't like so much, but they still fit in, in such a way, that I would miss them if left out.

This is my next favorite. It is the same girl,
in two different poses, at two separate times.
This is where I really got a "hankering"
for black and white flesh, surrounded by color.
Great foreshortened pose, in a luminous background.

Love the Cropped body in this one, and the colors,
and the belly shapes.
She looks like she's stretching her shoulder blades.

When people see this one, they cautiously
and uncomfortably ask if it is me!
I guess there is some resemblance,
but it is definitely not.

Check out the mirror in the background.
Isn't it neat how the colors are so different
than the true flesh...
OOOOOhhhhhh.... I LOVE patterns.
I let them complicate things too much sometimes.
In my art work, and in life!

Yes, we had a few different male models too.
Look how much background I gave him.
It's like I didn't want to get too close!

I had a very, very, difficult time with this one,
and it looks labored, as well.

My teachers really appreciated this one. We did a lot of gestural work,
which had to be done in a short period of time,
for example this one we probably had 30 minutes.

Same thing here.

This was a favorite assignment of mine.
It is a series of 60 second gestural poses, if I remember correctly.
We did not know till later that we were to combine them all
in a complete composition.

Same thing here.

Part of a series, didn't really know what I was doing.
The assignment was to take one of our completed drawings,
and abstract a piece of it. Interpreting the abstraction in different ways.

Same thing here.

Same thing here.

A different series here, but basically the same idea.
This was a thematic development series.

I really liked the above drawing. I called it "Symbiosis".
Sorry about the glare from the camera flash.
I was way too lazy to take it out of its frame,
or even take it off the wall. Hey! I never claimed to be a professional!

Part of the same theme here. Again, sorry about the glare.

And the last of the theme. This photo is way too dark.
Some of the others were, too.

If you like my pictures, let me know!

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larry said...

Those are all beautiful pieces of work, I love the colors and drawings. Very good work-your quite talented.